Your power.


What we do

We design innovation. We empower people and businesses by providing versatile sources of power for any mobile or temporary situation. We help them unlock their full potential through innovative products and technologies. We make electric power available to everyone, everywhere, every time.

We offer a reliable source of power to power devices and equipment.

Our portable solutions are ideal for temporary or mobile situations.

Our products adapt to your needs, not the opposite, using built-in versatility.

Why we do it

Our team is driven by our desire to have a positive impact on the world. We strive to live by our values of humanism and personal development to help tackle today’s societal issues. Our vision is to simplify access to electricity so that there is no place where people lack of power. Power is for everyone, anywhere.

We use technology and innovation to design positive impact solutions.

Our solutions are designed to be simple, intuitive and user-friendly.

We strive to tackle societal issues and give people power and autonomy.

We design innovation.

O’Sol is about solutions. We provide innovative energy products and technologies to solve our clients’ problems. Our expertise ranges from mobile smart batteries to deployable solar mechanisms for the space industry.

  • Kino – the world’s most adaptable smart battery. Powerful, portable and intuitive. This smart battery adapts to every need, providing an easy-to-use source of power for any situation.

  • O’Cube – advanced solar system for small and medium satellites. Deployable system for increased (x2, x3, x4) solar power production, enabling more powerful payloads for greater mission effectiveness.

The team behind the vision

O’Sol was founded by three entrepreneurs with distinct experiences, complementary personalities and a shared ambition. Today, we are a team of six talented and highly passionate people from around the world united by a common vision.

Awards and recognitions

Our company can rely on a strong network of partners which support and advise us in our development. We have received multiple awards for our innovations, have featured in numerous media publications such as Forbes, Euronews or CNN, and have been invited to exhibit at international shows such as CES Las Vegas, VivaTechnology and the Paris Air Show.

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