• Alpha: the mobile solar generator for all of your power needs

    This patented technology was designed to minimise the need for user input, by making the operations entirely automatic.

Technical innovations


Alpha was designed to be easily transported. It weighs under 70 kg, is very compact and has wheels to make the installation and removal simpler.
Several folded generators can be transported in the back of a truck, in a lorry or in a container.

Autonomous deployment

Once installed and activated, Alpha deploys automatically and tracks the Sun for optimal power production.
It is resistant to wind, but folds back into a security position in the event of severe weather to protect its solar panels.


Alpha makes your power supply simple, as it contains all of the components needed for the production, storage and supply of power.
Each generator can provide direct or alternative current, and stores any excess power in its high efficiency batteires to be used at night.

A clean source of power


Alpha requires far less maintenance than diesel generators. It does not require fuel, and does not imply complex logistics. It is simple to use, and does not require skilled labout to be put in place.
These attributes all contribute to substantial savings on your power supply.


Alpha produces power thanks to its solar photovoltaic cells, then stores any excess in its batteries. It does not require fuel, and does not produce any greenhouse gases.
It is therefore a clean and environmentally friendly source of power.
In its lifetime, through its production, use and dismantling, Alpha has a footprint corresponding to 15 tonnes of CO2, against about 100 for an equivalent diesel generator.


Solar photovoltaic technology produces electricity noise-free. Alpha’s deployment and sun-tracking are both silent, thanks to its low-noise motors and actuators.
This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of your solar power supply without noise.

Variable, adaptable power

The Alpha generators can be interconnected to create a modular smart-grid. Their power production, storage and supply are synced across the grid in real-time.
This will allow you to adapt the power produced depending on your needs, or to respond to any peaks or increases in demand.
This network of generators also ensures safety and reliability : if any of the generators were to fail, the others would automatically take over.

Remote control (work in progress)

For your convenience, the generators can be remotely piloted using our online platform or mobile application.
This way, you will be able to manage your generators and monitor its performances.