While the democratisation of solar photovoltaic energy is well and truly under way, it is still hampered by a certain number of misconceptions. Some of them are partially justified and stem from incomplete information, while others seem like fantasies out of science-fiction.

In this infographic, we examine some of the most common misconceptions to tell myth from reality:

  • « Photovoltaic energy is useless to me, it’s not sunny enough. It’s only good for southern cities. »
  • « Anyway, I heard that the quantity of energy needed to manufacture the panels is enormous. I don’t call that a clean alternative… »
  • « Photovoltaic energy does sound attractive but what will I do if I need power at night? I guess nothing will work… »
  • « Photovoltaic energy is bad for the local economy! Everything is manufactured in China. »
  • « Alright, maybe not everything is made in China but still, I heard that the recycling is quite bad. »

This infographic is divided in two parts and for the sake of simplicity, the word photovoltaic is referred to the acronym PV.

Infographic about solar photovoltaic energy