• Alpha est un générateur photovoltaïque automatisé qui rend l’énergie solaire mobile, adaptable et simple d’utilisation

    Alpha: simple, all-in-one, mobile solar energy

    There are only a handful of options when it comes to clean, cheap and quiet power sources which can be transported safely and simply.
    Alpha is a mobile solar generator developed by O’Sol. It makes solar power more accessible to any user.

Alpha, a source of renewable energy

Alpha is a mobile, all-in-one, modular generator.

It can deploy its solar panes autonomously, without any intervention from the user.

With a power of 1 kWp, Alpha generates power throughout the day. This power is either used immediately, or simply stored in its batteries for use during periods without sunlight.

Alpha can be interconnected. This allows you to rapidly create a powerful, independent and autonomous power grid to meet your power needs.

Générateur Alpha créé par O'Sol

How does it work?

Alpha is a clean solar solution for all your power needs.

Alpha is easy to install and suitable for all types of terrain. Its solar panels deploy autonomously.

Alpha produces power which can immediately be used by your equipment.

Any excess power produced is stored in batteries to use at night.

You can operate the generator remotely, thanks to our online platform or mobile app.

Alpha is an all-in-one solar power generator: it handles every step from power production to storage, to supply. It contains all everything you need, and makes solar power simple and useful for your needs.

Alpha is equipped with solar panels to produce power, but also contains with batteries to store power and a power management system which handles the production, storage and supply of electricity.

Alpha has everything you will need for your power supply. All you have to do is plug in your equipment!

Alpha is equipped with a deployment system which allow it to deploy and fold back its solar panels automatically. This makes it very compact when folded, and makes it highly mobile. The deployment system also greatly simplifies Alpha’s installation: you only need to place it in the desired location, then activate it by pushing a button. Once activated, Alpha deploys its panels, tracks the Sun and folds back automatically based on your power needs, weather conditions and sunlight conditions.

Designed to operate any conditions

O’Sol aims to make solar power suitable for all of your actions, irrespective of the terrain or the teather conditions.
We constantly bring improvements to our systems to make them more robust, safer and more reliable.
Our vision is to make Alpha into a generator for any situation, which you will be able to use in Cannes, in the Amazon rainforest, or even in the Namib desert.

A space technology brought down to Earth

O’Sol was born from the ActInSpace competition, organised by CNES (the French Space Agency). Its two founders, Idriss and Enrique, are both space engineers. It is therefore logical that O’Sol has a strong link with the space industry.

O’Sol has used space technology as an inspiration, and has adapted them and developed them for use in its generators.
Alpha’s deployment system itself was inspired from those used on satellites. It makes Alpha extremely compact, and allows it to deploy and fold back its panels in a simple and automated way.