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Deploy solar power, simplify your actions!

Générateur Alpha créé par O'Sol
Les générateurs Alpha de O'Sol sont connectables, mobiles et permettent de produire de l'énergie n'importe où.

Our solar solution

Alpha, our all-in-one solar power solution is designed for mobile, temporary or emergency applications.
It is designed and built by O’Sol.

Alpha generates solar power through photovoltaics. This allows it to fulfil all of your power needs while reducing your environmental footprint.


Our concept

You have a power demand for an outdoors event or mission.

Alpha, O’Sol’s mobile solar generator. No qualifications or training are needed to operate it.

It is designed to be simple to install, to operate autonomously and to require minimal maintenance.

You can launch your event or mission and be confident in your power supply, by day and by night!

You can monitor and manage your generators from anywhere, thanks to our online platform and mobile app.

Its features

Features of O'Sol's Alpha Generator make it unique

Solar power, the rising alternative to diesel generators

Most temporary or remote activities which require a power supply use diesel generators, especially if they require a high amount of power. Despite high running costs, noise and air pollution, a need for frequent maintenance and complex logistics, diesel generators remain the most widely used source of power, since they are simple to use, quick to install and have a high power output.

Solar photovoltaics are still too often static and cumbersome. Its installation requires time and a highly skilled labour force. Alpha makes solar power simpler, more flexible and especially more mobile.

Alpha is designed for any temporary, mobile or emergency application: events and festivals, rural tourism or humanitarian relief are just a few examples.

Its users

O'Sol vient en aide aux organisateurs d'événements en extérieur

Powering outdoor events

Alpha is a new way to power your events. It delivers 1 kWp for small to medium applications. Several Alpha generators can be interconnected very easily, so as to meet higher power demands.

O'Sol vient en aide aux fournisseurs de matériel technique de part la mobilité de son générateur Alpha

Other applications

Our generator is ideal for mobile or temporary applications, including documentary or cinematographic filmmaking outdoors, scientific expeditions and humanitarian relief operations. As such, it offers a mobile source of renewable energy for these applications.

Our team

L'équipe O'Sol pour servir vos besoins en énergie renouvelable avec son générateur électrique solaire

O’Sol is first and foremost a united, dedicated and motivated team. We come from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. We have different yet complementary skills and qualifications, which makes us better as a team.
We share the same end goal: make solar energy flexible and accessible, so as to help build the environmentally friendly and prosperous world of tomorrow.

Our partners

Our prizes and awards

3rd Prize – LES ENTREPRENARIALES (December 2016)

2nd Prize – GOLDEN TROPHY (April 2016) – PFACTORY

PUBLIC’S PRIZE (October 2017) – Get In The Ring BA06


BOURSE FRENCH TECH EN EMERGENCE (Febuary 2017) – BPI France & La FrenchTech

WINNER – CONCOURS DEPARTEMENTAL DES BREVETS (January 2017) – Conseil Géneral des Alpes-Maritimes + INPI

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